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Since 1975, the partners have had a very active role in the financial markets and have experienced some of the world’s worst financial crises along the way. From our earliest days, we have handled our activities in a professional and pragmatic way, so as to ensure both wealth preservation and growth along those cycles.

Discretionary Mandates

Setting goals to meet the needs of our customers is the foundation for sustainable collaboration.


The discretionary mandate is tailored to each client’s profile, his financial goals and his specific risk tolerance. After thorough study of your profile, choice of investment objectives and analysis of your risk tolerance, you delegate to us the management of your assets.

News & Publications

Investment Letter February 2017

During 2016 we had clearly opted for a defensive approach. The beginning of the year was marked by a significant drop in the markets in February (second column of the table below), and we had therefore considered that future risks (particularly political) were great and that it was necessary above all to protect capital.

Investment Letter February 2017

Lettre d’investissement Décembre 2016

La rapidité avec laquelle les marchés financiers ont analysé les répercussions (positives et négatives) de l’élection du nouveau président Trump, nous laisse perplexes.

RJ Investment letter December 2016

The indecision surrounding US monetary policy coupled with large-scale intervention by the ECB and the Bank of Japan have had a distorting effect on the valuation of financial assets.

RJ Investment letter December 2016