Emerging Market Discussion with Bruno Vanier, President & CIO of Gemway Assets


Gemway Assets is a Paris based asset management company specializing in Emerging Market equities. The company was established in 2012 by Bruno Vanier and Michel Audeban. Gemway Assets is accredited by French regulator AMF (the equivalent of the UK FSA). Its major focus is to invest in companies that would benefit from rising purchasing power of emerging countries populations. Our investment process is 2/3 bottom up, 1/3 top down. We manage this strategy via two UCITS vehicles, GemEquity and GemAsia. GemEquity focuses on all emerging regions from Asia to Latin America to Eastern Europe and to Africa while GemAsia only focuses on Asia ex Japan listed equity.

As of 20/11/2018, the total AUM stand at $612M.

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